El uno, el gran contenedor

Final work of outstanding degree in the 2018 class of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona


The audiovisual storm as a means of reproduction of one’s thoughts, on the primitive element -tree-, the use of the bark as a support, as a dermis of today’s. The questioning of the unique system versus the variability, the crisis of the “one”. The great container of the unique system becomes a tree, a nature under the rational order of human beings, the metaphorical representation of current unitary society, in the face of the diversity of the forest. It is this analogy between the unique system of man and the tree, “the tree does not let you see the forest”, the challenge to the analogy of meanings, the displacement of meanings. The work replaces a reality, the reality that we all live in the bark, the epidermis of the current homogeneous society.

KEYWORDS: Tree, bark, forest, unique system, variability