Lluèrnia festival del foc i la llum Lluèrnia, has the will to become an annual event visualize the relationship between the city of Olot and its surroundings, with the fire of volcanoes and how this origin has been transforming, not only the orography and the landscape, but also the character itself and the culture of the people of La Garrotxa.


Faculty of Fine Arts. University of Barcelona.
BRAC Research Group (Barcelona: Research, Art and Creation)
Plaça Mora

Olot, land that hides in its bowels an ancestral fight between the forces of destruction and creation. They are represented by the demons and fire, and the others by the Guardian Angel of Olot and their protective wings. With them, the custodian managed to stop the beasts, freezing the volcanic tunnels through which they emerged from the darkness. In their effort, the custodian himself and his wings also froze, and thus became part of the sacrifice necessary to save the area from danger. Now the demons have finally managed to crumble the sealing of the tunnels of the underground caves, inexorably advancing towards the petrified custodian to remove their wings and thus be able to fulfill their mission. Everything seems lost, but every action has its reaction…

Project by: Miguel Cordeiro and Albert Garcia Baltanas
Tutors: Miquel Planas and Núria Gual
Collaborate: Lab-Media and Custom Project
Filmed and edited by Edmundo Garcia.
Some locations around Terrassa and Barcelona.

11 Oct 2018